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My impressions and what I have learned so far

One thing I've always worked with when training personnel regarding customer service, is the importance of relying on the self and the understanding of inner motivations of service providers (specially front-line staff and/or customer facing personnel) in order to achieve the best connection with the purpose of service, only after that first step is given, I move to the technical aspect of the business, it has always been my style.  After watching the Module 2 of the UCE course, I see that I've somehow been on the right path.  Customer experience begins and ends on the self understanding of the emotions created by external stimulus, in our case, the product or service that is being consumed. Motivations, cognition, dis-confirmation, desires, emotions, well-being... customer experience management is all about professionally guiding perception, driving all those ideas that make each individual understand the purpose of a product or service the way companies originally inte

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